AMV [24 Apr 2010|02:52am]

I enjoy this couple, so I've decided to make an AMV on it ^^""
Ta-daa... <<

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[12 Apr 2010|09:24pm]

Hi everyone!
I'm a big fan of Greed/Kimblee couple, so I'm glad that I find this community.

As a present from me-AMV about them.

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Finished Fanart [22 Apr 2008|05:22pm]

Hello again ;)  I feel like I've been working on this for forever (even though it's only been four days!) but I finally finished my picture! I don't have enough patience to CG very often, so there are a few places where I just sort of gave up, lol. But, overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


Please pretend that the couch doesn't suck *sweatdrop*
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Introduction and Fanart WIP [18 Apr 2008|07:08pm]

Hello! I just stumbled into the GreedxKimberly fandom, and I am so glad that I found this community! Things seem a little slow, now, but everyone's fics and art are just amazing - I spent quite a long time digging through the archives, lol.

I was inspired to do some of my own fanart, since there is precious little GreedxKim art. Interestingly enough, this was going to be my first "explicit" drawing, but Kimberly decided he wasn't really into it (Greed, however, strongly disagrees =P ).  They're clothed and vertical, but Greed's doing a bit of groping so it's not particularly SFW.

I do intend to color it, once I find the time. I can't decide whether I want to cell shade it, or do a soft cg. =(  But anyway, its great to meet everybody here, and I hope that things will pick up in the community!  The sexiness of GreedxKim demands it!  =D

EDIT:  I fixed Kimberly's left hand - thank you guys for the concrit!
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[07 Jan 2008|12:09am]

hello thar!

a short one 

Title: Alcohol
Pairing: GreedxKimbley
Rating: PG w/e
(please just click the link!)

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[13 Nov 2007|11:12pm]

Okee dokie, here it is!

Title: Go Fish
Pairing: Greed/Kimbley
Rating: PG/13-ish (im such a party pooper.)
A/N: the title has nothing to do with it. at all. and i know, im lame, more hot gay g/k sex later, i promise.
also, i might continue this, and by that i mean edit it to make it longer but meh, we'll see

(and by edit i mean things will be broken in the fiery rampage of their love making.  my poetry makes rocks commit suicide.)

OH! and i am fed up with cuts and other such nonsense. please, just click the damn link. i promise it will take you to the same place

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[12 Nov 2007|11:33pm]

 okay, so this is a filler entry saying that i will post a fic tomorrow
i feel bad because i havent put anything up, but im really tired right now, so im just saying to that one person here who checks that i will put something up TOMORROW FOR REALS, I PROMISE

je promet, as the french say. but you know, more french-ly.
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Haiku [27 Oct 2007|08:31pm]

I've been meaning to share this Kimblee haiku I wrote a few years ago:

A deadly embrace
from tattooed palms that whisper,
"You'll make a nice bomb."
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[08 Oct 2007|09:16pm]

Oi, i really need to learn how to cross-post. if anyone is willing to tell me, im all ears
anywho, this is for the one person still reading these things

Title: Incredible
Pairing: G/K
Rating: PG-13/R
Warnings:...not really
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Heya! [19 Sep 2007|08:12pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hi hi hi to the limited number of people active in this community ;)

Decided to post some of my icon attempts.
Did post most of these to the_devils_nest community but meh here they are again for your pleasure. ^_^
Next week I'll have a week to finish off some fanart and upload hopefully :D
Majority of icons are Greed themed only but a few KimbleexGreed thrown in for good measure.

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[05 Sep 2007|12:01am]


hello  there, people who arent really there. but that's okay, i don't mind posting anyway
so this one is kind of old-ish but not really, i havent gotten much chance to edit it or really work with it, so yes.

and im sure the title has been used before, but meh i dont mean to steal or offend

Title: Avarice
Where: FMA
Pairing: Greed/Kimbley
Rating: PG13 
Warnings: none, really (kinda short)

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[19 Aug 2007|04:27pm]


okay, since  lostinyourlight so kindly would like to read some of my fics, here they are!

concrit is of course welcome, i am really working on improving my writing skills in general as well as my characterization.

Title: Nerves
Rating: PG? (couple of 'fucks' but no sex or anything)
Genre: kinda general, though established relationship
Spoilers/Warnings: Kimbley has long hair. is that a warning?

and two drabbles, PG/PG13-ish

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[19 Aug 2007|03:52pm]


hey introducing myself, and i was wondering if this community was still active as well

i have a few fics i would like to post, but if it isnt active,that's okay too

or maybe it would be okay anyway? i just dont want to lead people on if nobody else is going to put something up

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*Generic Intro Theme* [17 Jul 2007|08:52pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Even if this community is not as active or whatever just introducing myself, I'm a major Greed fan and was browsing, saw this community "omg what a hot coupling" so joined. ^_^
Love the anime but gotta say, for those who have read the mangas I think the Greed character was more awesome in the manga (definately liked his death better)... but Kimblee wasn't in it so not as cool huh? ^_^
I'll admit I wasn't so sure about this coupling originally then I discovered the voice actor for the english dub for Kimblee also does Trunks from DBZ :D omg *squee!* (I'm a Trunks fan lol) so there it starts.
Anyway haven't got much else to say but will hopfully have hot hot hot drawings and icons in the not too distant future.

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FIC: FMA, Greed/Kimberly/Archer, NC-17, 'Give And Take' [20 Apr 2007|11:02am]

Title: Give And Take
Author: uiggu
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2708
Summary: For the community springkink. Prompt: 'Full Metal Alchemist, Greed/Archer/Kimbley: Staying, at least mostly, in full dress uniform the entire time - 'you can never have too many backup plans'.

X-posted to fma_yaoi and _deadlyweapons_.
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FIC: Greed/Kimberly, NC-17, 'Reciprocity' [05 Apr 2007|02:04am]

 For the community springkink, the prompt being: Greed/Kimberly: Alchemy kink - 'my blood is red like yours'. 

Author: uiggu
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 2511
Summary: 'Give it to me,' Kimberly breathes into his mouth. 'Give it to me you son of a bitch give it to me.'

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[FIC] The Illusion of Owning [31 Mar 2007|04:01pm]

[ mood | good ]

Title: The Illusion of Owning
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist anime
Characters: Kimbley and Greed centered, yaoi or not depending on how you look at it...
Rating: PG
Warnings&A/N: Drabble. Mentions of cat-abuse. If this is a prelude to Kimbley's betrayal and joining back the military, or if this will lead things towards a different direction, is for you to decide.

Fake-cut to my journal

The cat was grey, with white stripes all over his back and sides.

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Hello [26 Feb 2007|02:36am]

[ mood | giggly ]

Greetings I am the one and only Invidia1988 I am a huge Greed x Kimmy fangirl I love that pairing ever since my koi got me hooked on it. and you know who you are lovely.

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Colourbars for the GreedxKimbley love and Shield Sex love [24 Feb 2007|01:14pm]

Hi! I just joined... I've fallen only recently for FMA (and Greed in particular) and finding about this pairing is just one of the best thing recently happened to me ^^

So, I bring colourbars to celebrate the addictiveness of this pairing XD

The pictures used for them have been made by and belongs to ponderosa121 (go check her awesome drawings!)


Here are the shiny banners and codes!Collapse )
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FIC: Greed/Kimberly, R, 'Strange Medicine' [06 Feb 2007|09:23pm]

Author: uiggu
Rating: R
Word Count: 1300~
Summary: Kimberly wakes up for the first time at the Devil's Nest.
Notes: Swearing, suggestiveness, Greed turning on the, uh, charm and Kimberly. Because he's a warning by himself. ♥

Strange Medicine
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